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  • Jeff Bernhard

How to start gardening as a family activity

Gardening is a perfect way to teach children responsibility and provide useful knowledge about plants if you want to try a fun activity with your family. I enjoy gardening because it not only allows us to grow our own food, and de-stress from work, but also allows my children to gain a deeper understanding of where their food comes from.

Karen Musgrave, garden marketing and education specialist at Hicks Nursery in Westbury says that gardening brings joy to children. It also provides them with great memories of time spent together as a family working on projects. Some of my best memories of my grandmothers was when she was gardening in her backyard picking juicy red tomatoes.

Gardening can be enjoyed by people of all ages, but children, in particular, can have a lot of fun and reap lots of benefits from it. Most children that I know enjoy digging in the dirt, making things, and watching plants grow from a small seed. Watering plants, harvesting plants, and developing plants from seeds are all good activities for small children to learn from a science and nature perspective.

Encouraging your children to cultivate their own fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, and spices can be great fun for them. Sunflowers, corn, and pumpkins, as well as a number of plants with sensory and structural properties, are good choices. Allow them to start a small garden, even if it's just a few seeds in a single pot, and teach them how to care for it themselves. Pay attention to their enthusiasm and responsibility for the garden and use it as a criterion for when they're able to move on to something with more responsibility, such as a smaller animal like a kitten or puppy.

You can teach your children the value of gardening whether you build a small container garden every month, go to the farmers market, or cook meals with home-grown produce. They grow a more refined palate and a greater appreciation for food (think of apples springing out of the ground in the grocery store).

You can figure out enjoyable garden games for kids that will keep them entertained for hours. The more you allow your imagination to run wild, the more ideas you'll generate. Playing in the garden, planting seeds, treasure hunts, and several other activities are examples.

Maintaining your family garden does not entail as much physical exertion like running or tennis, but it can be extremely beneficial to your health. Finding indoor gardening activities can be difficult, and it's even more difficult when parents and children engage in an after-school gardening program after the school year ends.

Gardening teaches responsibility and gives children a feeling of accomplishment. It gives you a project to work on and enjoy as a family, and it strengthens your bond. To help you have fun gardening with the kids this month, you can put together a playlist of how-to hacks. You can do everything from how to plant seeds, soil, and shoots to how to build magical fairy tale gardens.

This is a wonderful time of year to help your child develop a devout heart as well as grow plants. There are several YouTube video sessions for your kids, and having them all together in the garden is the best way to see them get engaged. This is a simple way for the entire family to bond while still being competitive.

In conclusion, my wife and I both enjoy gardening and have done several gardening activities together and with the kids. It is an excellent and productive way to spend time together as a family, learn, have fund and enjoy some delicious fruits and vegetables that are healthy.

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