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  • Jeff Bernhard

How To Make A Gardening A Pleasurable Activity In Your Life

One of the biggest barriers to planting a garden is just getting started and making time for it. If you are determined about starting to garden, you will have to prioritize it and fit it into your lifestyle. Ever since I started gardening, I have learned many time-saving gardening tips and learned how to garden more conveniently and efficiently. Becoming an accomplished gardener takes time and learning from your successes and failure. I have failed more than I would like mention.

Some tips to get started:

You will find that gardening is worthwhile and of value if you use these methods to help you when you get started.

  • Start small and then expand your garden as you figure out the time need to maintain it.

  • Involve your family in your gardening activities and make it a family activity. This will give you quality time to spend with your spouse and children.

  • Use the most efficient tools and put machines to work. Working manually can take up much time and using tools can really come in handy and save you a few hours every week.

  • Always schedule your planting and harvesting time before the season so you can plan for success.

  • Take proper care of your plants. Add organic fertilizers to them regularly, make sure they get the necessary sun and always be sure you water consistently and appropriately through the day.

  • Consider the use of mulch. It is used to keep the soil moist, keep it cool, keep weeds at bay, and make the garden bed more appealing.

Some time-saving gardening hacks I figured out over time:

  • Start small so that you can get an idea of how much time it will take to adjust to next year. It is easy to plant a garden in the ground, but you still require time for maintenance and harvesting.

  • To prevent hours of watering manually, I installed a drip irrigation system with a timer.

  • For many people, gardening is about the joy of growing your own fresh, healthy food. It also gives you time to escape for the everyday world that can be full of stress.

  • A garden requires constant, ongoing attention every day and even a small garden can take 20 to 30 minutes a day to maintain (pruning, feeding, watering, troubleshooting, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, harvesting, general maintenance, etc.). Gardening is not for people that do not have the time or might be lazy.

  • You grow your soil, not your plants. To ensure the best success, for whatever you grow, ensure that your garden has the necessary compost or fertilizer for the plants to thrive.


Even if you don't have much time for gardening, you can enjoy a vegetable garden of any size with the appropriate things mentioned in this blog. Also, remember to enjoy the exercise, fresh air, satisfaction and stress relief that comes from growing your own fruit and vegetables in your garden. The only sure way to become an excellent gardener is to gardening regularly, to do the work and to learn from successes and failures. Treat gardening like just another hobby you are passionate about and you won’t be stressing upon the time you need to spend in the garden.

Get out in the garden and give it a try!


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