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How to Garden without a Garden -- Solutions to grow at home

Gardening is your passion but can’t seem to find enough space for your hobby? Here in this blog, I have put together the one-stop solution that can help you grow a garden at home. Container gardening.

No worries about space

If you don't have a greenhouse or enough space to set one, container gardening will help you solve this. In this method, plants are placed in containers, whether they are pots or a small patch of soil in your yard.

It’s visual appealing

Plants of various sizes, containers raised on bricks, secret pots in front of willow or bamboo tepees, and climbing plants like peas can all be used to make incredible plant landscapes.

You can easily shift your garden

Gardening in containers means that you can easily shift and re-shift the pots and containers to different places according to your requirements or desire. You can also move it according to seasons or just your changing moods!

Set it anywhere

The best part of it all? You get to choose where you want your garden! Consider your balcony space or a few centimeters of counter space. Windows, boxes, and other wall-mounted containers can all help you make the most of your room. Or maybe, your kitchen. You can set up your garden anywhere you want. Even in your living room! Plants form great home decor statements too.

All your plants can have their requirements fulfilled

All plants need different kinds of care. With gardening in containers, you can use separate vessels for plants that need different types of soil (acidic, alkaline, loamy, sandy, and others). Tall containers can be used to separate plants, while larger containers can be used to train climbers to climb against walls and fences.

You can grow almost everything - except giants - in vessels

Fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers; everything can be possibly grown in container gardens. You can decide according to the space you have to invest. Take advantage of all your outdoor space and turn it into a green paradise, all you want. People who live in apartments or in backyards often have large flowerbeds, fruit trees, and flowerpots.

You can get as creative as you want

Container gardeners can use planters in containers to play with height in ways that are difficult to achieve in soil – for example, you can bring up tiny, fast-growing flowers like marigolds, often known as potted flowers, and display them. Many growers like to install a range of plants in a mixture of colors and heights to achieve the best appearance possible.

You do more in a lesser space

Container gardening may be done to save space or where there is a limitation to it. But none of this precludes or prohibits the cultivation of vegetables. One should avoid the misconception that growing vegetables necessarily involves the destruction of a broad rectangle of ground, as most vegetables can be grown in pots and perform just as well in an underground yard. Key points to remember

However there are some gardening rules that you have to follow in spite of the method you are using to grow one. You need to take care of your plants well.

● Do not forget to water them regularly

● Dig up the soil to keep the circulation of air healthy

● Add fertilizer according to the plant type and need

● See that they are getting adequate sunlight.

● If you are placing them indoors, try to move them out of the room for a little while in the sun so that they can have proper growth.

● Trim them regularly.

You need to make sure that you are looking after them like your own kids. And voila! Here’s your evergreen garden without actually having to compromise a lot of area. I hope this article gave you your answers. Subscribe to my blog if it was helpful and receive daily articles about gardening. Thanks.


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