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I never touched a shovel or planted a plant until I was in my forties.   In addition, I never experienced the difference in taste between a freshly grown garden tomato versus a store bought tomato.   I had no idea there was a difference in the taste.   Wow, was I wrong! 


I am going on 30 years in the insurance industry and am currently in a leadership role for a large insurance company.   As the case with many of you that are busy people, I spent most of the past 10 years flying around the country, spending half of the year in hotel rooms and on planes.  While I built my career, I also built the amount of stress that I carried around and had to find an outlet to release the stress to maintain my overall health.   I found this release of stress in gardening.  Again, for the most part, I was a city slicker that never put my hands in the dirt, let alone planted or grew anything.  I started to teach myself, slowly, how to grow small vegetable and fruit plants like peppers and tomatoes.   The first round of plants, I attempted to grow,  I am pretty sure did not live.  Over the months, then years, I watched a lot of YouTube and learned a lot from others and put the learnings into my gardening skills.   I thought if I could learn to grow a vegetable and fruit garden, knowing nothing about it 6 years ago, then I could teach others to do the same with a small yard, balcony or even inside their apartment.     In addition, I could share with others the joy of gardening by growing your own healthy food.

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Since I started this YouTube channel, I have posted over 100 videos, make lots of friends around the world, enjoyed some great food and given a lot of food to my neighbors.   In 2020, my family relocated from Houston, where I started my channel, to a suburb of Pittsburgh.  I took a little pause, as my new home was built, but I am anxious to start our new garden in the Spring of 2021 and learn how to garden in a new gardening zone.  In addition, we will be adding a new feature to our channel in the summer of 2021, where we show you different ways to to cook the fresh, healthy vegetables and fruit.  Think of it as Executive  Gardener and Executive Chef.   My wife, Erika will do the cooking part of the channel.   She is a registered dietician and certified diabetes educator.  She understands not only how to prepare and cook, but also believes in cooking the garden food in a  healthy manner.


I hope you enjoy the website and channel.  Please feel free to ask questions, through the YouTube Channel, and I will try to answer as many as possible   In addition, please be sure to subscribe The Executive Gardener channel on YouTube and Instagram where I will be posting videos and photos.    I look forward to communicating with you and sharing the pleasure, experiences and stress relief that I have found through gardening.



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